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Wastewater collection system design has been a strength of Allgeier Martin since the firm began operations in 1954. Our past projects have encompassed a variety of entities from large, complex municipal systems and facilities to systems serving, small rural communities or developments. Typical services provided by our firm are wide ranging and consist of system-wide planning and design, inflow/infiltration abatement studies, permitting, GIS system development and maintenance, highway and railway bores, stream and waterway crossings, pump stations, pressure sewer lines, large diameter interceptor sewersand system expansions of various sizes. Allgeier Martin has also established itself as a leader in the sanitary sewer collection system rehabilitation field by using innovative techniques to plan, design and manage projects utilizing trenchless techniques for main line, lateral line and manhole renovations in an efficient and organized manner. From planning through design, permitting and construction, our engineers and staff are acquainted with the procedures that will result in the timely completion of proposed projects. Design criteria focuses upon implementing an efficient and cost-effective collection system for the community it serves, by minimizing system maintenance requirements and costs associated with its continued operation.

Project Experience

  • Disaster Recovery Sanitary Sewer Improvements | Joplin, MO

    The City of Joplin selected Allgeier Martin to plan, design and administer a project to renovate and replace a majority of the sanitary sewer collection system within the area affected by the May, 2011 tornado. This project includes sanitary sewer main replacement/rehabilitation improvements including some capacity upgrades to larger interceptor sewer lines equating. Approximately 327,950 lineal feet of 8” to 18” sanitary sewer main and associated support structures will be addressed by this project. The total project area covered by the project is approximately 2,742 acres.

    Included within the project will be the Closed Circuit Television Inspection (CCTV) of each of the sanitary sewer lines located within the project area. From the CCTV data, each line and associated manhole will be evaluated and prioritized as to their operating condition and need for rehabilitation. Service lateral location and condition of their connection to the main sewer line will also be evaluated as part of this process. From the gathered data, rehabilitation projects will be identified that include improvements to the lines and manholes identified as being in the worst condition as well as replacement of service lateral connections, installation of lateral cleanouts and lateral line renovations. Each of the eight (8) interceptor sewers that exist within the project area will be evaluated as to their condition, capacity and ability to meet future flow requirements and subsequently replaced or improved as necessary. Updates to the City of Joplin’s GIS system with the accumulated data and locations of the planned/completed improvements for the sanitary sewer lines and manholes throughout the project area will be ongoing for the duration of the project.

    Strict deadlines for completion of the work have been set forth in order to retain and utilize available funding obtained through the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG DR) program. Allgeier Martin is responsible for the planning and administration of these sanitary sewer improvements including preparing budgets and the scheduling of design, bidding and construction of this work, in order to meet the established funding deadlines. The project planning began in August of 2014 with the bidding of the first portion of the improvement work set for March of 2015. Various aspects of the project are anticipated to extend through the year 2018. The estimated costs of the sanitary sewer improvements as part of this project are currently set at just over $21 million.

  • Lone Elm Drainage Basin Inspection/Evaluation GIS Integration | Joplin, MO

    Wastewater Collection - Lone Elm, Joplin, MO

    The project consisted of the closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection and evaluation of approximately 106,000 lineal feet of 8-inch through 18-inch diameter gravity sewer lines, the visual inspection and evaluation of approximately 415 manholes, and the smoke testing of approximately 50,000 lineal feet of 8-inch diameter gravity sewer line within the Lone Elm Drainage Basin in order to establish a working plan for the repair, replacement, and/or rehabilitation of this portion of the City’s wastewater collection system. Additionally, in order for the City to better utilize the inspection and evaluation data, the information was merged with their current GIS wastewater collection system map.

    Initially, the City provided their base GIS wastewater collection system map identifying each component (pipes and manholes) by a unique identification number and existing wastewater collection system information that the City had already recorded (pipe material, pipe, length, manhole material, etc.). The CCTV inspection, manhole inspection, and smoke testing were then conducted utilizing the already established unique identification numbers for reference. Once the inspection data and the smoke testing defects were fully compiled, the components were evaluated and assigned a numeric rating based on the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP). Additionally, a general cost estimate for the rehabilitation of the individual components was established. Lastly, all the inspection and evaluation data was merged with the City’s existing GIS wastewater collection system map.

    The newly created GIS wastewater collection system map includes all the information that the City will need in order to plan and budget for current and future wastewater collection system repair, replacement, and rehabilitation projects within this drainage basin. Additionally, as the City completes these construction projects the GIS data can be updated to better track, categorize, and inventory the Lone Elm Drainage Basin’s wastewater collection system.

  • Crossroads Parallel Sewer | Joplin, MO

    Crossroads Parallel Sewer - Joplin, MO

    The Crossroads Parallel Sewer Project consisted of two phases of construction to increase the capacity of the existing interceptor sewer serving a large portion of the City of Joplin. The area served included approximately 14,100 acres, a portion of which was already developed and a portion that was anticipated to develop within the foreseeable future. The interceptor line was sized to accommodate the existing development and future development within the design life of the pipe. A section of the existing line that was still in relatively good condition remained in service and a parallel line was installed. This helped to keep the size of the pipe and construction costs down. The remainder of the existing line encompassed by this project was replaced. Although replacement was obviously more costly, it also represented a means to reduce inflow and infiltration into the City’s system. Allgeier, Martin was retained to provide preliminary, design, and construction phase engineering for both phases of the project. Each portion of the project was completed within the time frame constraints set forth in the grant funding for the project, and within the limits of the available funding. Challenges on the project included finding a means to economically crossing Range Line Road and Newman Road. This was accomplished by making use of the existing Turkey bridges for these roads and utilizing open cut trenching techniques to install the pipe under the bridges in lieu of boring these roads. The size of the pipe and angle of entry for existing and proposed lines coming back into a common manhole was also difficult; standard round manholes were not large enough to accommodate this project. As a result, a number of “junction manholes” were designed to accommodate the angles and pipe sizes associated with this project.

    • Phase I of this project included design, construction and easement acquisition for approximately 27,000 LF of 30” to 36” diameter gravity sanitary sewer line. Total project construction cost was $3.1 million.
    • Phase II construction included approximately 12,000 LF of predominately 48” diameter gravity sewer line with 320 LF of 66” diameter highway and railroad bores. Construction costs for the project were approximately $3.3 million.

  • Wastewater Collection System | Jane, MO

    Public Water/Wastewater Supply District Number One of McDonald County retained Allgeier Martin to design a community-wide wastewater collection system. The project encompassed the Village of Jane, Missouri and included the installation of approximately 36,600 lineal feet of 15", 12", 10", and 8" diameter gravity sewer and 18,600 lineal feet of 10" and 12" diameter pressure sewer. It also included the construction of two lift stations complete with a SCADA system able to control the operation from a central computer. The construction cost just over approximately $5.2 million. Allgeier Martin assisted the District in planning the system, securing nearly 150 easements and obtaining project funding which was provided jointly by MDNR, USDA-Rural Development, Community Development Block Grant Program and the EPA.

  • Silver Creek Wastewater Collection System | Joplin, MO

    Allgeier Martin provided the planning, design and construction phase services for the Village of Silver Creek wastewater collection system. The project consisted of approximately 48,000 L.F. of 8” and 10” diameter gravity sewer, 9,200 L.F. of 4” Force Main, 4 submersible lift stations, 3 permanent power generation units, 1 portable power generating unit and 258 service connections. In addition, Allgeier Martin was retained to research, prepare and negotiate nearly 270 easements necessary for the project. We also assisted in obtaining project grant and loan funding through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for $2.9 million.

  • Wastewater Collection System Improvements | Girard, KS

    Allgeier Martin provided planning, design and construction phase engineering services for improvements to the wastewater collection system for the City of Girard, Kansas. This project consisted of the design of the rehabilitation/replacement of a large portion of the City of Girard’s wastewater collection system. The project generally consists of the dredging of approximately 4.5 million gallons of sludge from the city’s waste stabilization ponds, the open-trench replacement of approximately 7,000 lineal feet of 8-inch through 12-inch diameter gravity sewer, the rehabilitation of approximately 22,000 lineal feet of existing sewer main with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) in order to minimize the amount of street closings and repairs, the rehabilitation of approximately 75 manholes using a cementitious liner and chimney sealant, the renovation of three existing duplex lift stations with three above-grade duplex self priming lift stations, and the open-trench installation of 2,600 lineal feet of 6-inch diameter pressure sewer line to replace an existing 4-inch diameter line. The project construction costs were just over $3.9 million. Funding for the project was received through USDA Rural Development and the Community Development Block Grant Program.

  • Inflow/Infiltration Reduction Plans/Projects Experience

    Allgeier, Martin has extensive experience in the construction and rehabilitation of wastewater collection systems. Our staff has many years of experience in evaluating and assisting municipals in determining the most cost effective approach to addressing deteriorated sewer lines within wastewater collection systems that eventually lead to system I/I issues. Typically I/I testing is done by smoke testing, TV inspection and manhole inspection. These services would be provided by a private contract, Specifications, bid documents and review of bids would be provided by the consulting engineer. Our engineer would assist the City staff in supervision of the contract in order to help reduce costs. The engineer would assist the City staff in reviewing the smoke testing results, TV inspection and manhole inspection in order to determine the best solution for repairs which may consist of pipe replacement, relining of pipe or manhole repair and replacement. Allgeier, Martin would provide final inspection of the construction work performed. Allgeier Martin has prepared I/I reduction plans and/or designed projects to rehabilitate or replace aging sewer lines in an effort to reduce collection system I/I levels for the following municipalities:

    • Webb City, MO
    • Carterville, MO
    • Carl Junction, MO
    • Girard, KS
    • Butler, MO
    • Nevada, MO
    • Joplin, MO
    • Aurora, MO


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