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Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management - Joplin, MO

For over 60 years, Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. has been involved in stormwater management and control. Our experience with cities, communities, industries, military bases and developers has encompassed the specific, targeted area, as well as the development of Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plans covering large areas. With the continued development of impervious surfaces in municipal, private and industrial infrastructure facilities, stormwater management and control become more important in preserving the property and preventing the flood damage resulting from uncontrolled stormwater.

Projects are always approached via a complete study of existing conditions and problems and hydraulic modeling, then configured into a plan that will alleviate existing and future floodwater problems. FEMA maps and reports, along with known complaints and/or drainage problems, are incorporated into the planning, mapping and field investigation data in order to develop proposed solutions. Our engineers are also experienced in the separation of stormwater systems from sanitary sewer systems, relieving wastewater treatment facilities of the resultant overflow during periods of rainfall.

Project Experience

  • Willow Branch | Joplin, MO

    Willow Branch

    To reduce the effects of stormwater in Joplin’s central business district, an engineering review of route selection and design criteria for the Willow Branch Storm Drainage project was provided by Allgeier Martin’s team. Following the watershed analysis and design survey, engineering design and construction-phase administration for the completed Phase I project was provided. It consisted of approximately 2200 lineal feet of box culverts varying from double 13 ft. by 5 ft. structures to 12 ft. by 5 ft. boxes. The $2.6 million storm drainage project was located in close proximity to existing structures and utilities in Joplin’s downtown area. Design and construction of Phases II, III, IV and V were completed and included over one mile of channel improvements with a total construction cost of $3 million.

  • 15th Street & Murphy Boulevard Stormwater Detention | Joplin, MO

    15th and Murphy Stormwater

    To reduce the effects of stormwater flooding near 7th and Illinois, an analysis of the Joplin Creek watershed was completed and an eleven acre detention pond was designed to fit within a City owned park. Included with the design is a landscaping plan that will convert the eleven acres to native grasses and trees that will require minimal maintenance to reduce mowing activities by the City and provide a more natural environment for wildlife and public viewing. The $900,000 project is the first project under construction in 2014 utilizing the City’s CDBG funding.

  • Carl Junction, MO

    Stormwater Management - Carl Junction, MO

    A Comprehensive Stormwater Plan was completed by Allgeier Martin for the City of Carl Junction to identify and prioritize storm drainage needs. The plan has served as the basis for applications for grants and other funding for stormwater improvements. The design of improvements to the storm drainage system in the central business district was completed by Allgeier Martin, with planned construction of drainage structures to carry stormwater across the state highway to an improved open channel. Construction was completed in 2004 and has proved to be a successful project.

    Allgeier Martin also assisted the City in development of local regulations and a stormwater management design manual which establishes stormwater related regulations for development in the City of Carl Junction. As the City’s engineer, Allgeier Martin reviews plans for development which are submitted to the City, to insure compliance with local requirements.

  • A, B & C Street Stormwater Improvements | Joplin, MO

    This phased project began in 2008 and will be completed in 2015. Because of the City’s funding sources, the project was required to be completed in multiple phases. The project consisted of analyzing the Lone Elm Creek Drainage basin and designing improvements that included replacing box culverts, widening the overflow creek banks, adding curb inlets and associated piping, adding a parallel enclosed pipe system, and relocation of a gravity sewer line. Total project cost is estimated to be $1.5 million.

  • Davis Boulevard Detention | Joplin, MO

    This project involved designing and constructing a detention basin in the upper drainage basin of Joplin Creek along with improvements planned and/or constructed further downstream at 20th and Range Line, 15th and Murphy, and 7th and Illinois. All four of these projects were a part of the Stormwater analysis to help reduce flooding along Joplin Creek and were designed by Allgeier Martin. The Davis Boulevard project included a wetlands mitigation plan. Because there were existing wetlands that could be impacted, this project involved the creation of a palustrine scrub-shrub/emergent wetland, a palustrine forested/emergent wetland, and almost four acres of riparian buffer that included native shrub, grass and plantings all within the detention basin. This project was completed in 2010 and has now grown into an exceptional area that also provides water quality treatment and wildlife habitat.


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