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Water Treatment

 Water Treatment Plant - Monett, MO

Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. stays abreast of the ever changing regulations associated with treatment of potable water. From planning through engineering design and construction oversight, Allgeier Martin provides its clients reliable facilities that produce high quality, safe drinking water.

Treatment processes may be as simple as aeration and settling to remove iron or sulfur from a groundwater source, to more complex, two-stage surface water treatment facilities. Quantity, quality, and economy of operation are top priorities as water treatment options are evaluated. Allgeier Martin works closely with our clients to ensure that the facilities are practical and affordable.

Project Experience

  • Monett, MO


    The City of Monett’s municipal water system has an average daily demand from residential, commercial and industrial users of approximately 2.8 million gallons. With this demand increasing, the City recognized the need for a thorough study for expanding the system’s supply, storage, and distribution facilities. Allgeier Martin was selected to provide a comprehensive planning for system improvements.

    Water Treatment Plant - Monett, MO

    The completed study recommended construction of a water treatment plant to operate in conjunction with three of the city’s wells, installation of municipal water lines and construction of a booster pump station to supplement water to the higher pressure side of the City’s distribution system. Allgeier Martin was retained to provide design and construction phase services for a 4.0 Million gallon per day water treatment plant.

    The treatment facilities include:

    • High rate clarification through use of a “ballasted” floc
    • Gravity filtration
    • Chlorination and clear well storage prior to delivery to system via high service pumps
    • Chemical fee facilities for the addition of alum, polymer, and hydrofluorosilicic acid.
    • A flexible membrane lined earthen basin for flow equalization of wastewater off the plant treatment prior to discharge to the sanitary sewer
    • Office space, shop, conference room, and lab facilities

    The completed facility was finished on time and within budget, with an increase of only $15,000 from the original $11.3 million dollar construction contract. The project was funded by the Missouri SRF program through a combination of grant and loan funds.

  • Coffeyville, KS

    Water Treatment Plant - Coffeyville, KS

    The City of Coffeyville retained Allgeier Martin to design improvements to the City’s seven million gallon per day water treatment plant. The facility draws water from the Verdigris River and delivers the finished water to ground storage reservoirs located above the City. Allgeier Martin provided construction phase oversight and administration.

    The project included renovation of major facilities throughout the plant, including the following:

    • Installation of rapid mix facilities ahead of the upflow clarifiers.
    • Replacement of upflow clarifiers drive and repainting of units.
    • Renovation of sand/anthracite filters, including replacement of filter media, control valves,backwash troughs and instrumentation, and inclusion of filter-to-waste provisions.
    • Replacement of filter control system.
    • Replacement of alum, lime, and carbon feed equipment.
    • Construction of facilities for control of filter backwash waste.
    • Installation of new backwash pump and variable frequency drives for all high service and backwash pumps.

    In addition, the project included other upgrades such as reroofing of the pump intake structure and buildings, paving replacement, sealing of the clearwell roof, tuck pointing structures, etc.

    The improvements were financed through the Kansas Public Water Supply Loan Fund.

  • Vernon County, MO

    Vernon County PWSD #2

    Since its inception in 1966, Vernon County PWSD No. 2 purchased all water from a neighboring public water supply. Over the years, the district’s growth created more and more difficulties for the supplier. The district made a decision to develop its own water supply and treatment system, and cease purchasing water.

    The district retained Allgeier Martin to assist them with this project. We prepared a report that recommended a new deep well, a water treatment system that consisted of aeration, clearwell, gas chlorine disinfection, high service pumps, and new elevated water storage facility. The area has groundwater of unpredictable quality, therefore it was necessary to drill and develop the new well before finalizing the design of the water treatment system.

    The new well was drilled to a depth of 1,850 feet, and was constructed with 550 feet of 12-inch welded steel casing. A 225 gpm submersible pump was installed in the completed well. The project included a reinforced concrete clearwell, a pump building, a 200,000 gallon elevated water storage facility, and a laboratory/office building. The $907,000 project was funded through a Missouri State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan.

    Services provided by Allgeier Martin included the preliminary engineering report and cost estimates, preparation of detailed plans and specifications, preparation of rate schedules, assistance with bidding and award of construction contracts, preparation of a detailed operation and maintenance manual, and full-time on-site project representation throughout construction.


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