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Water Supply, Distribution, and Storage

Webb City, MO Water Tower

Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. is experienced with planning and design of water supply, distribution, and storage systems. Each project is preceded by thorough study and research in order to provide our clients with a functional, efficient and cost-effective system. In addition to a support staff of designers and CAD drafters, water system engineering is supplemented by the latest software in computer modeling that analyzes the system's performance through hydraulic simulation. Such a computer model can simulate the operating characteristics of a water system and determine the efficiency in which the system currently operates as well as identify areas of needed improvements.

A supply of quality water is critical to any community, yet securing a reliable and ample source of water to store and distribute throughout the system is becoming increasingly difficult. Whether that supply is obtained from deep wells, surface supplies, or a combination thereof, availability of safe and abundant water supplies is a constant need. Consequently, many of our water system projects have been directly associated with planning and design relative to expansion, improvements, development of additional supply and/or the storage and distribution. Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc., is familiar with the geologic strata in each region and the aquifers associated with those stratum for deep well supplies. Compliance with state, federal, regional and local requirements receive thorough attention throughout the process of planning, design and construction of potable water systems.


Project Experience

  • Water System Improvements | Carthage, MO

    The Carthage Water and Electric Plant (CWEP) is responsible for operating and maintaining the municipal electric, water, and wastewater systems. The water systems serves a population of approximately 11,000, as well as a large number of commercial and industrial users. The system’s water supply consists of several deep aquifer wells, which produce raw water that is treated by a water softening plant.

    Carthage, MO Water Tower

    CWEP retained Allgeier Martin to conduct a comprehensive study of immediate and long-term needs relative to water supply, treatment, storage and distribution. The study consisted of the following tasks:

    • Assessment of historical water system demand, and projection of future demands
    • Evaluation of existing water system facilities, and their ability to meet future demands
    • Assessment of current water treatment plant capacity and reliability, and current operating practices
    • Analysis of alternative improvements to increase water system supply, treatment, storage, and distribution capacities
    • Assessment of anticipated regulatory treatment requirements, and  their affect on the existing system and proposed improvements.

     Pursuant to the completion of this study, Allgeier Martin provided design services for two new water supply wells, water treatment facilities expansion, and two new 2.5 million gallon elevated storage facilities.

    The improvements were funded through accumulated reserves.

  • PWSD No. 2 Planning and Design | Daviess County, MO

    Allgeier Martin has provided engineering planning and design services for this rural northwest Missouri water district since its inception. Services have included assistance with the establishment of the district, preliminary engineering reports and cost estimates, preparation of detailed plans and specifications, assistance in the bidding and awarding of construction contracts, and project representation. The district covers approximately 345 square miles, and serves over 700 customers with nearly 320 miles of 2-inch through 6-inch water mains, one booster pump station, and three standpipes. Water is purchased from three surrounding public water supplies.

    The system was built in four major phases over a period of several years, at a cost of approximately $5.49 million. Funding came primarily from Rural Development loans and grants with additional funding from the Community Development Block Grant Program and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. This project presented several design challenges in that the area to be served was quite large, while the population was relatively small. This meant that the number of customers per mile of pipe was very small. The distribution system design required engineering expertise in order to make the project feasible. Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. continues to serve as the engineer for PWSD No. 2, having recently been assigned the task of preparing a comprehensive plan addressing future expansion. We are also providing design engineering services for a new connection to a neighboring water district, which will enable PWSD No. 2 to sell water to the City of Breckenridge, Missouri.

  • Water System Improvements | Girard, KS

    Girard, KS

    The project consisted of engineering design, contract administration, and inspection phase services for the construction of a 400,000-gallon and a 250,000-gallon pedesphere style elevated storage tanks, miscellaneous water line improvements, and the installation of a City wide Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. The AMI system is a fixed network meter reading system that eliminates the need to manually read water meters. Fixed radios and data collectors send water meter usage information directly to City Hall for the City’s use in billing customers. Construction will be complete by August 2015 with a cost of approximately $2.6 million.

  • Municipal Water System Improvements | Carl Junction, MO

    Carl Junction, MO

    Carl Junction, a growing community with a population of approximately 7,410, was served by six deep wells, five elevated storage tanks, and over 36 miles of water lines. Due to the steady increase in population over the last 20 years, the City determined the need to improve their system to meet the current and future demands.

    Allgeier Martin was retained to prepare a facilities plan and design improvements to the water supply and distribution facilities. Through detailed evaluation of the system, Allgeier Martin recommended a phased approach to meet the needs over the next 10 and 20 years. Construction of the one year improvements were completed in 2006 and included two deep wells, two 60,000 gallon elevated storage tanks, 17,000 LF of 8, 10 and 12 inch diameter distribution mains, and the addition of fluoride.

    The project was funded by the State Revolving Loan Program. Construction supervision and inspection services were provided for the project.

  • Public Water Supply District #1 | McDonald County, MO

    Engineering services were provided to the PWSD #1 of McDonald County, Missouri for the preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) addressing not only immediate water system needs but the projected water system needs through the year 2030. The PER included an investigation of the existing water system facilities and current water system usage. Furthermore, the analysis of historical population data allowed for the projection of the year 2030 customer population and projected water system usage. Three immediate and one future water system improvement alternatives and cost estimates were prepared. The alternatives were evaluated and a final recommendation was made that would allow the PWSD to continue providing its customers with safe and reliable drinking water. The PER was submitted and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development. Allgeier Martin is currently assisting the PWSD with the planning and design of $5.5 million improvements to the water system.

  • Seneca, MO

    Seneca, MO

    Allgeier Martin and Associates, Inc. was retained by the City of Seneca for improvements to their water system which included water line extensions,drilling of a new deep water supply well, addition of chlorination to the system, and the addition of a booster pump to increase pressure in a defined portion of the system. Chlorination of the system was accomplished with liquid chlorine. A diaphragm pump was provided at each well and detention was accomplished by either modifying the existing tower piping to allow the tower to be utilized for detention or adequate time in the distribution piping before the first customer was provided.

    Allgeier Martin prepared the preliminary engineering report, which was a comprehensive study of the entire system, as well as provided design, bidding and construction phase services. A computer model of the entire system was developed to analysis the hydraulics of the system for the study.

  • Washburn, MO

    Washburn Water Tower

    Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. became involved in the City of Washburn’s water system improvements project shortly after the initial engineering report was completed. After review and minor revisions to the original report, design of the improvements commenced. Design of the improvements included drilling a new deep well, construction of a new pedestal type tower, modifications to the existing elevated tower, installation of a SCADA system, construction of chlorination facilities for both wells, and modifications to the distribution system to improve pressures and create two pressure zones within the system. Design of the new facilities anticipated future growth within the system, and attempted to optimize availability of fire flow from both wells in both pressure zones. WaterCAD was utilized to create a computer model of the system during the initial review and design of the project. As a part of the project, Allgeier Martin assisted the city with applying for grant and loan funding, and assisted in evaluating the City’s water rates. Recommendations were provided to increase the rates in order to increase revenues from the water system to cover the loan for the improvements. Easement preparation and assistance with easement acquisition was also provided as a part of the project.


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