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Roadways are a necessary part of the infrastructure for state highway transportation, county and municipal road networks, industrial and private access. Allgeier Martin has designed and overseen the construction of hundreds of miles of roads and streets for cities, counties, industrial parks, institutional facilities, airports and state highways. We are current with the constant changes required by the Missouri Department of Transportation, Kansas Department of Transportation and Oklahoma Department of Transportation relative to modifications in roadway design. Our services are inclusive of every facet of preparation through completion, from land and easement acquisition to contract administration and construction oversight.

Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. has extensive bridge design and construction experience, representing decades of partnership with various cities and counties in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Services have included land acquisition, easements, cultural resource surveys, environmental studies, reports, agency reviews, and approvals. Projects have been funded independently, via state funding for Bridge Replacement Offsystem (BRO) bridges, through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) funding, and the various joint funding with state and city or county governments.

Each state's Department of Transportation requires conformity to specific design criteria associated with their manuals. Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. is familiar and experienced with the requirements of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, and has an excellent working relationship with their design professionals. Whether the bridge is constructed of pre-cast concrete, pre-stressed I-girders, haunch-slab, box culverts, or arched pre-cast units, our professional engineers are experienced in their utilization in the design process. Thorough attention to hydraulic and hydrologic factors ensure projects will meet standards, meet the needs of the community which they serve, and integrate landowner and transportation needs.

Project Experience

  • U.S. Highway 166 KLINK 1R Resurfacing | Coffeyville, KS

    National Silver Award Winning Project

    Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. was selected to provide professional engineering services to rehabilitate a 5,200-foot long section of State Highway 166 between Walnut Street and 8th Street in Coffeyville, Kansas. This section of pavement was experiencing pavement and joint failures resulting in diminished rideability. The project consisted of approximately 2,307 dowel bar retrofit units, 5,800 square yards of full and partial depth pavement repairs, and 27,000 square yards of diamond grinding. Traffic control, joint sealing and pavement marking were also incidental to the project. The project was completed under budget and in 127 of the specified 185 contract completion days.

    The low bid received was substantially lower than the City’s anticipated cost which allowed the City to address additional pavement repairs that were considered marginally acceptable during plan development. 

    In March of 2010, this project was also recognized by the MO/KS Chapter of the American Concrete Paving Association as being the best concrete Restoration Project (CPR) completed in 2009. Then in September of 2010, the City of Coffeyville received notification that this project would be recognized nationally at ACPA’s National Convention in Florida as a Silver Award Winning Project.

  • Highway 71 & Larry Neff Drive | Jane MO

    Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc., was hired to design a new signalized intersection on Highway 71 that would allow properties on each side of the Highway to be developed commercially. Our design professionals worked closely with officials from the Missouri Department of Transportation, the City of Jane, and the adjacent property owners to develop a plan that would serve the needs of the area. Because of the high volume nature of the intersection, it was necessary to conduct a traffic impact study and develop a plan that would integrate with the existing transportation devices previously incorporated into the highway to keep traffic moving, while upholding the inherent safety characteristics of the original highway design. The result was a designed that incorporated protected turn lanes, video detection, advanced warning beacons, and wireless interconnect capabilities to other transportation devices in the area.

  • Bridges | Jasper County, MO

    Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc., has been selected by Jasper County to provide full engineering and project representation services for their Culvert and Bridge Replacement Program. This annual program typically involves several existing structures that are programmed for replacement, renovation or reconstruction. Since this provides for a larger amount of construction work, it has also been an effective way to reduce costs. The type of work performed is typical for most counties, and consists of the rehabilitation of existing structures, replacement of single or multiple span box culverts, and design of federally funded bridges. The structures typically used includes either the attractive concrete haunch slab bridge, or the more traditional concrete pre-stressed I-Girder, steel I-Girder, or concrete box culvert. Each project is designed in-house by our design professionals. Although each structure can be designed to function in most situations, each structure is designed to fit a specific application as dictated by specific budgetary and geometric requirements. Because of Allgeier Martin’s extensive experience, the owner is given the opportunity to select a structure that best suits their needs. Each structure is designed according to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials thereby promoting standardized designs. Allgeier Martin has designed well over 150 bridges and culverts for Jasper County since 2003.

  • Missouri Route 249 Bridge over 20th Street | Joplin, MO

    Missouri Route 249 Bridge over 20th Street – Joplin, MO

    The Missouri Department of Transportation selected Allgeier Martin to provide complete design engineering services for a three span concrete, pre-stressed I-girder bridge. The design was in metric, and involved three 16.5 meter pre-stressed concrete I-girder spans with safety barrier curb and pile footings. Allgeier Martin’s services included design calculations and plans for construction for the highway bridge.

  • Geometric Improvements, Redbud Rd. & State Hwy. 37 | Jasper County, MO

    Redbud Rd. & State Hwy. 37 – Jasper County, MO

    The intersection of Redbud Road and State Highway 37 was poorly aligned and required improvement. The existing geometry consisted of two tangent approaches for Redbud Road to the curve in State Highway 37. This not only created a land locked environment for the property in the center of the intersection, but it also made it difficult for motorists to safely view any oncoming traffic before entering onto the State Highway. To further compound the situation, the approaches to the State Highway were very steep. As such, it was difficult for motorists to see and accelerate onto the State Highway safely.

    The Jasper County Commission retained Allgeier Martin to provide engineering services to improve the geometric alignment of Redbud Road with State Highway 37. A topographic survey was performed to obtain elevations, drainage, utility, and property ownership information. Following a desktop evaluation, a proposed curve was staked in the field to allow the County the opportunity to meet with property owners to discuss the proposed improvements. Following the onsite field meeting, the design was refined with information received from the County and property owners. The final design included elevating the approaches to create a flat grade approach and large intersection turn radii’s.

  • KCS RR Grade Separation Project | Joplin, MO

    The City of Joplin retained Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. of Joplin and Design Nine (Railroad Specialists) from St. Louis to design a grade separation of Connecticut Avenue between 24th and 26th streets and the Kansas City Southern (KCS) railroad. The most efficient long term option was to take Connecticut Avenue underneath the railroad, thereby avoiding the maintenance and replacement of a road bridge. Raising the railroad approximately sixteen feet and lowering Connecticut about seven feet accomplished this project. 

    As a major component of this project, Allgeier Martin provided the stormwater design to reduce flooding upstream of the railroad. The cost of the project was $ 4.6 million paid for with a special sales tax voted on by the citizens of Joplin. In addition to stormwater and road design, which includes right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation assistance, Allgeier Martin was retained by Empire District Electric to design the relocation plans, conduct all surveying and staking, obtain easements for the new transmission and distribution power line alignment and to oversee the construction of the relocation. This portion of the project, completed on time in March of 2009, consisted of the relocation of approximately 1.7 miles of power lines. The new line encompassed 104 new wood poles, 12 new steel poles, 2791 feet of transmission line, 21788 feet of distribution line, 878 feet of secondary, three railroad crossings, and multiple road crossings.

  • McCall Bridge Over James River | Stone County, MO

    McCall Bridge - Stone County, MO

    Stone county Commissioners retained Allgeier Martin to provide full services for the replacement of the existing McCall bridge structure. The new structure is a 105’ x 105’ x 105’ triple span pre-stressed bulb tee I-girder with pre-stressed panel construction. It is on a 20-degree skew and the final span is in the beginning of the curve. The interior bents are keyed into solid rock with the end bents on piles (north end) and spread footing (south end). The bridge is located east of Hurley, crosses the James river, and is on an 8% slope from one end to the other.


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